Unfortunately, not many people realize that they can work on improving their marriage in just the same way they can improve their fitness or their finances. In fact, this is something that more and more people should consider doing if they want to enjoy the happiest and longest relationship possible.

What if I told you, that making just a few changed to your lifestyle and routines, could have a gigantic impact on your happiness, sex-life, and emotional stability?

Little Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on Your Marriage

Let’s take a look at some small tweaks that can have a big impact on your marriage.

Taking Up a Hobby Together

Taking up a hobby together is an amazing way to give you both new things to talk about, while also letting you explore another dynamic in your relationship: working as a team.

The type of hobby you take up will of course have a big impact here. Are you going to learn to dance together? This is an amazing physical activity that is also very romantic and fun. But if you don’t have the money/time/interest to go dancing, then something much smaller is just as effective often. How about playing a computer game together? Or trying out board games?

Taking Up a Hobby Apart

Imagine sitting in the audience in a concert hall and watching a beautiful woman sitting in the front row, playing violin majestically. She is in smart but form-fitting black clothes with her hair tied back and bold red lipstick. She has a look of elegant concentration as she makes incredible music for the enraptured audience. Imagine if that woman was your wife!

Or imagine watching your husband working in the garage on his motorbike. It’s a bike he feels passionate about, and in the last few months, he has learned enough about mechanical engineering to restore this old model to fully-working order. He’s sweating in his vest and has a look of intense concentration as he turns the spanner to tighten the bolts from his position on the ground.

These are both sexy images. They both show us our partners in a different world, doing something that they are passionate about and skilled in. We know that other people find them desirable, and we realize there is more to them than we have previously known. In short, spending some time apart with different interests and passions helps to reintroduce some mystery into your relationship. It gives you new things to talk about. And it gives you news things that you don’t know about each other.

In short, this all allows you to recreate some of the initial intrigues that probably brought you together in the first place.

Having a Weekly Date Night

Weekly date night is a brilliant way to not only spend more guaranteed time together, but also to do something romantic, different, and interesting.

How about creating a date jar filled with date ideas and committing to doing one of those each night of the week? Some can be romantic and special (like candlelit meals in the garden, or trips to the theater), while others can be simpler – like a games night or a PJ and Pizza evening!

Learning Understanding – Taking a Breather

Arguments are going to happen, even in a healthy relationship. In fact, it’s not particularly healthy if they don’t happen!

The issue is how you react to those arguments. And where many people go wrong, is in reacting too quickly while still emotionally charged. At the same time, many people don’t recognize the fact that their partner might also not be at their best.

Imagine you’re cooking dinner for your family when your partner storms into the room to shout at you about something that wasn’t your fault. You’re in a bad mood already, so your mind instantly turns to all the things they have done wrong and how unfair the whole situation is.

The mistake at this point would be to follow your partner into the other room and shout back. What does this do, though? It simply perpetuates the bad mood. Consider that they might also have had a bad day, and therefore not have chosen their words particularly well. And consider that you might have been more sympathetic to that possibility had you paused for a moment before responding.

Spend Time With Mutual Friends

Finally, spending time with mutual friends is one of the best things you can do to enhance your relationship. This works wonders not only because it gives you something mutual to talk about, but also because it lets you view your partner through someone else’s eyes: it lets you once again remember what it as that attracted you to your partner in the first place.

The key is to find the right balance between bringing your worlds together and enjoying shared experiences, while also being your own people. These small changes can help you achieve that.

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