Counseling is one of the first recommended options for a marriage or relationship that is experiencing conflict, but many people are reluctant to say yes to it.

Is counseling before a divorce or a separation a good idea? Can it save a rocky relationship from ending?

Experts say yes! There are thousands of couples out there who say that counseling helped them to get through tough times.

Counseling Before a Divorce or Separation – A Good Idea?

Here’s why you should consider counseling before a divorce or separation – and not just to save the relationship, but to learn how to grow together and as individuals.

Doubting Divorce?

“Can we save this?”

This is one of the single most common questions that someone standing on the edge of a divorce or separation asks – and often times when it gets brought up, they find that their partner or soon-to-be-ex feels exactly the same about the matter.

When both parties are asking whether a marriage or a relationship can be saved, it could be worth it to consider counseling: This can help the two of you to see where the struggle in the relationship might lie – and it could steer the relationship boat away from rocky waters.

Counseling is Always an Open Option

One of the best things about counseling, though not often realized, is the fact that counseling is for any point (or time) in your relationship when you feel that you may need it. It’s never too late to say yes to counseling where both parties in the relationship or marriage have come to the agreement that it could help.

Even if a relationship is heading towards a trial separation period or divorce (or has already reached this point), counseling can still be the element that helps to steer the relationship away from this.

Counseling is always an option. Some couples have also entered counseling even after their divorce has taken place, sometimes even years later.

Counseling Can Help

Sadly, divorces and separations are common.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the majority of marriages and relationships today end in divorce, separation or heartbreak of some sort – and the rate at which this is happening is on the increase compared to how many divorces we saw several years or decades back.

Simply, counseling can help.

Most of these separations and divorces are caused by simple disagreements (or the fact that couples just don’t see eye-to-eye anymore the same way that they feel they used to). When these simple issues in a marriage or relationship are allowed to continue without help (or without talking them over as part of a healthy relationship), they often snowball and they might snowball so badly that couples feel a divorce or separation is the only way to move forward.

If you’re standing on the edge of separation, counseling can bring these issues back to the table and allow for an environment where they can be discussed and dealt with – instead of snowballing further.

Counseling Allows Dealing with Issues

Counseling is there for one reason: Allowing issues to be dealt with in a neutral environment.

Any relationship can benefit by signing up for a few counseling sessions even when they are standing on the verge of a divorce or separation. Counseling can make issues that seemed too big to deal with much more like obstacles that can be overcome. These sessions are also often the ideal environment to be able to deal with these issues where couples were previously unable to do so.

Counseling Provides Answers

Divorces and separations often leave either party with more questions than anything. Counseling doesn’t just allow couples to deal with their issues – it also allows people to find the right answers to questions they could have had for decades about themselves and their own personal thoughts and feelings.

Even if counseling doesn’t mean the relationship is saved, it could mean that people find answers that help them for their future journey ahead.

Counseling is Long-Term Mental Wellness

Counseling is about a lot more than just saving a relationship. It can also mean that people become closer to long-term mental wellness that can be considered good for their future.

Relationships are all about growing as people – and counseling makes for a learning experience whether or not a relationship continues as a result of the sessions.

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