Counseling Omaha


At SAGE Counseling Omaha, and we understand how challenging life can be and we know that everyone needs extra support from time to time. Individual and couples counseling sessions are available to help you heal and move forward into a more positive future.

For individuals struggling with mental health and addiction, our structured programs and treatment modalities are research-driven and evidence based.

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How a Counselor Can Help

Many of our clients are struggling with mental health conditions which are taking a toll on their lives and the lives of individuals around them. Some of these conditions may include anxiety, personality disorders, PTSD, issues concerning sex and sexuality, LGBTQ issues, divorce, and many more. Our therapists will actively listen to your specific concerns and challenges to create a customized treatment plan that is well-suited for you.

At SAGE Counseling Omaha, we are eager to begin helping you. Request a consultation with a counselor today and let the healing begin.

Professional Counseling for Couples & Families in Omaha, Nebraska

For many people, coming into therapy the first time can be a challenge. Not only is it challenging to know what to expect, but it is also even more difficult to think about coming into a place, meeting a stranger, and divulging any personal details to this person.  Simply put, this can feel downright scary!

Our Mission as Counselors

Therefore, our mission is to make the process of counseling and therapy as nonintimidating as possible. Our professional counselors are highly trained, skilled, and continue to provide high-level counseling and psychotherapy services in Omaha, Nebraska.

Whether it is working with adults, children, couples and families, or facilitating group therapy, you are in good hands when working with our clinicians. We firmly believe that when education and training meet relatability and the human element of therapy, good things happen for our clients. We look forward to being able to meet with you and assist you in your journey toward betterment.