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There are many reasons why couples counseling in Omaha might be the modality of choice. Possibilities may include repetitive arguments, premarital/pre-commitment anxieties or issues, problems of infidelity, life-stage issues (such as managing career, children and the relationship or perhaps the empty-nest phase, or mid-life issues), or phases in which one partner has changed in a manner that is different from the other partner.

Often, couples fear the ‘need’ to go to counseling, and as a result, they often wait until the relationship is in a crisis. While anxiety provoking for many couples, couples counseling can be a great opportunity to grow together.

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Couples counseling provides an opportunity to work on communication, return to a better place in the relationship, but even more importantly, it offers a unique opportunity for each partner to learn and to grow in the presence of the other. This truly profound experience of growing together can be life-changing.

Couples Counseling in Omaha

For couples, our therapists integrate:

  • psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • emotion-focused therapy
  • acceptance and commitment therapy

Additionally, multiple therapists at our practice are trained in the Gottman Method, a premier couples counseling modality.

By focusing on issues related to:

  • communication
  • attachment injuries
  • core beliefs
  • familial interactions

Premarital Counseling in Omaha

We can provide exemplary service to our clients. For individuals seeking to take the next step in their relationship, we offer premarital counseling in an effort to search for deeper meaning shared between two people, proactively approach and address current relationship functioning, and get out in front of issues before they arise. Our skilled therapists will help assist you in putting away yesterday’s issues and move toward a happy and healthy tomorrow.

Finally, we understand relationships are complicated and that two people coming together in a unit can provide specific challenges.

Our therapists are trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ friendly, Poly/Kink, Open and Consensual Non-monogamy informed, and specialize in addiction medicine. So, no matter the cause of these hurdles, we are prepared to help you jump over them. We look forward to meeting with you soon!