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Growing from a young child into an adult is a long and stressful journey. Issues with self-confidence and self-worth are common at this stage in life. These and other personal challenges may be complicated by external stressors, such as divorce, social media pressures and many other factors.

At Sage Counseling in Omaha, we provide child and teen counseling sessions that can give your child a solid foundation that is essential for a healthy transition through adolescence and into adulthood. Our counseling services for kids and teens are designed to promote healing as well as self-improvement.

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Individual Session for Children and Teens

When you contact our office, we will learn more about the child’s unique challenges before recommending a course of treatment. As every child is uniquely special, we work with parents to find the best fit for you and ultimately, the best route of therapy for your child or adolescent.

For children, unique counseling strategies are utilized to help the child communicate in ways that are more comfortable for them, whether through therapeutic play, games, or talk therapy. For teens, specialized therapeutic modalities are utilized to help provide the teen with a sounding board during one of the toughest times of their development.

At SAGE Counseling Omaha, we understand the stress you may feel as you watch your children struggle with various situations and challenges. Through counseling, we can help provide your child with the necessary tools, coping skills, and interpersonal awareness necessary for optimal development.

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