What is “bad therapy?” Well, if you have experienced it, then you may already know. We go through the usual suspects of bad therapy in our very first podcast episode of Feelings Work!

Feelings Work Podcast: How to Spot Bad Therapy

With information from some of the pioneering figures in the counseling profession combined with our own personal mishaps, we set out to help educate clients (you) and counselors (us) on how to spot when therapy goes wrong.

Such self-honesty and internal clarity are prerequisites for a serious analysis of therapists’ flaws and imperfections.
Kottler and Blau (1989, p. 127)

Listen to the Feelings Work Podcast

Listen to the Feelings Work Podcast below! Stay tuned for new episodes from the team at Sage Counseling Omaha, Loren Dexter and Suzanne Piotrowski, as they offer some more dialogue on issues pertaining to mental health.

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