Kahlil Ryan

About Our Practice

Kahlil Ryan, PLMHP, PCMSW

Therapists are often told, “never work harder than the client;” that the initial investment needs to come from them. But, in my mixed experiences while working in child welfare and the medical field, I’ve learned that there are times when people need someone to show them how to believe in themselves first before they can do it on their own – like a jump-start, but for mental health. I like the moments where I can help my clients see their strengths, but I love the moments when they start believing those strengths.

I honor an individual’s whole experience by using therapeutic approaches that acknowledge the impact that environment and biology have on mental health, educating clients on strategies to grow with change. I have experience with clients of various backgrounds and areas of need, with a particular focus on trauma and attachment.


Outside of my office, I run a bustling home with a brilliant and determined daughter and our dogs, Hank and Stella. We take on home renovations, dog parks, and volunteering in the refugee community as a capable (and good-humored) team.