Kimberly Wittmeier

About Our Practice

Kimberly Wittmeier, NCC, PLMHP

Throughout our journey in life, we endure countless challenges, hardships, and the list is endless. During these times in our life, we may encounter the inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel, repair the broken pieces, and feel as though we have nowhere or no-one to turn to. My perspective is that throughout our journey in life, each of us has internal tools to make changes, heal, prosper, to recognize the strengths, potential, and growth that we are all capable of and deserve. I firmly believe in a person-centered approach, where acceptance, understanding, and empathy are the foundation of therapy. Based on this foundation, I believe it is important to branch out as each client is unique and an individualized approach is necessary to help you reveal your inner strengths, discover solutions, and resolve inner turmoil. I have been blessed to have worked with and obtained experience with diverse individuals and needs including co-occurring disorders, substance use, and mental health.

Through the counseling journey with me, you will be able to explore your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a supportive and safe environment. During this journey as your therapist, I will not be two steps behind you nor will I be two steps in front of you, but alongside you each step of the way.