In 1949, the Mental Health America Organization proclaimed that May is the dedicated month for spreading mental health awareness to the public. Other countries and non-government organizations followed suit after the proclamation. Mental health deals with our mind and how it interacts with our environment. For many years, mental health has gone unnoticed and so has the stigma surrounding it. Recently, people have been trying to break such stigmas and have been trying to get mental health into the eyes of politicians, business people, enforcers, etc.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May is full of programs that bring attention to mental health awareness. These programs focus on various aspects of mental health, from one’s emotional well-being to one’s psychological needs to one’s mental health issues.

Programs During Mental Health Awareness Month


One of the most common ways to spread awareness about mental health is by informing people directly. Through an academic approach to spreading awareness, people can be educated about mental health as a whole or a specific topic under mental health. Seminars provide a space for people to share their opinions and experiences about mental health.

Furthermore, the very concept of seminars helps one’s mental wellness. In fact, seminars allow you to be with people who understand your experiences. The same people share your experiences and are open to talk about your concerns about your mental health. Plus, you get to hang out with people that you may find interesting. Lastly, seminars are a great way to encourage people to talk about mental health. When people talk about it, mental health gets the attention that mental health awareness month is pushing for.


Like seminars, campaigns are also one of the most popular ways of pushing for mental health awareness. Movements can be carried out through various creative means. During mental health awareness month, campaigns are done both physically and virtually.

Physical Campaigns

With physical campaigns, people often hold mass gatherings, get-togethers, and rallies. Here, people are able to voice their opinions about mental health. In some cases, they use their voice to call for policies that promote and protect an individual’s mental health. Another form of physical campaigning for mental health is asking people to sign petitions regarding their concerns toward mental health issues.

Virtual Campaigns

Virtual campaigns are campaigns carried out on the internet. This kind of campaign is characterized by creative ways to get people’s attention on mental wellness. Some of the methods used in virtual campaigns for mental health awareness are hashtags, movies, posters, pictures, and petitions. In a way, there’s no difference between physical and virtual campaigns. Both campaigns push for the same topic, just through different means. Some examples of campaigns held to bring mental health awareness are the Kindness Campaign, and World Mental Health Day.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

May being mental health awareness month is not just about bringing other people’s attention to the topic. It is also about giving attention to your mental health and about giving priority to your wellness. Like most people will tell you, one of the best ways to participate in mental health awareness month is by paying attention to your own mental health. That is why we are giving you several ways to take care of your mental health.

Check out some of the following!


Studies have shown that journaling elevates your mental health. Writing down the events that you encounter per day helps you assess and understand your emotions and the situations you experienced that day. Writing down your feelings on a piece of paper is an excellent way of taking control of your feelings. This is also a great way for people who are uncomfortable talking with other people about their feelings and thoughts.


Sometimes, we can be too focused on a lot of things. As a result, we tend to take everything we feel and encounter seriously. Consequently, being serious all the time can increase our stress and anxiety levels. Watching a movie, playing with your dog, or any other source of joy is a great way to alleviate our stress and anxiety.


Like mentioned earlier, we tend to take everything seriously. We usually spend our time doing a lot of things and without thoughts about resting. In fact, lack of rest can lead to abrupt bursts of emotions. Taking time to rest or relax is a great way to manage your emotions and stress. For example, if you’re feeling frustrated about a problem, you can take a short break to recoup your feelings and ease stress.

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