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People are unique. Each person has individual pharmacodynamics, meaning we each metabolize drugs differently. This is important to keep in mind when prescribing to ensure each patient has minimal adverse effects while achieving the best possible outcomes.  For this reason, we all respond differently to certain medications; there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to medication management services, especially for effective psychiatric care.

Our trained provider will help determine whether medication is warranted and if so, the appropriate drug class and dosage to help you best manage your current symptoms.

As with any prescription, psychiatric medications may cause side effects. This is where our highly skilled treatment team will confer with our licensed provider who will then make pharmacotherapy adjustments. This collaborative care will permit a more holistic approach and is designed to improve patient outcomes.

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Medication Management Services in Omaha

Side effects can be normal and usually improve over a few days or weeks, however, if they are not tolerable, our provider will suggest dose adjustments or medication changes. Also, if you feel that a certain medication is not alleviating your symptoms, our provider will be able to guide you toward a better solution.

Our Goal

Is to provide comprehensive clinical treatment services to help get you the desired results for you, your life, and your health and wellness. Although the idea of taking medicine for psychiatric symptoms can be daunting, our skilled provider and treatment can help make the process easy, understandable, and accessible.

Remember, these medications can be short term while overcoming immediate challenges, or long term if needed. Overall, our hope is to make sure that you get exactly what you need while minimizing or eliminating side effects, so you can get back on your feet and on with your life.

Medication Management in Omaha FAQ’s

“That sounds great…but how does the process work?”

Initially, you will meet with our licensed provider who will conduct a diagnostic interview in order to best manage your care. Once this has occurred, the plan will be put together by the licensed provider in an effort to get you a prescription for medication, if deemed necessary.

The process will be ongoing, including check in’s regarding medication tolerability, dose adjustments, additional counseling, and addressing concerns that may arise.

“Is medicine enough?”

While psychotropic medication can be a huge help when managing symptomology, research has shown that the best results occur when combining psychotropic medication with counseling.

We know in life there is no “magic pill,” so it is important to think about comprehensive care like the four legs on a chair, without one… It falls. Medication management, counseling, social support, and health and wellness are just a few examples of how holistic health can be achieved and maintained.

“The medicine isn’t working…”

This is where ongoing and continual support with your licensed provider will be extremely important. Again, people are unique, and no two people will respond to the same medication in the same way.

This is where it is important to communicate with your licensed provider or counselor, to best adjust medication, dosage, frequency, etc., in an effort to find the best fit for you. Additionally, combining medication with therapy will yield the best results, so considering other pieces to add to your care plan may be important to improve patient outcomes.

“Will I have to take this forever?”

As people grow and change, particularly with children, the body can change as well. Part of working with a medication management provider on an ongoing basis is continually reevaluating changes that are occurring, making adjustments, and then following through with updated treatment plans if necessary.

As individuals progress, grow, and change, there may be a need to adjust medication. This is where our licensed provider will be able to address these concerns, make necessary changes, and follow-through to optimize your pharmacotherapy.

“I don’t believe in medication…”

With all the recent media attention on “Big Pharma” and many of the stigmatizing aspects of taking psychotropic medication, it is easy to come to these opinions. This is why working with someone that you trust is so important to the process.

When you can openly communicate with your licensed provider or therapist, it allows for a safe environment where you feel your concerns are heard. Whether not take medication is ultimately a personal decision that is completely up to you, but we are happy to help assist you when you are ready to do so.

“The side effects are scary…”

Yes, many medications have side effects, and it is important to address these early in the treatment plan. If at any time you feel as if you are unable to keep yourself safe, it is important to call 911.

Sage Counseling Medication Management in Omaha

As other questions arise, please communicate them to a licensed provider or members of our treatment team, as we will be working together to fit your needs. We look forward to assisting you on your path to recovery, self-growth, and betterment. Support. Advocacy. Guidance. Enrichment. These are the cornerstones of Sage Counseling Omaha.

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