True crime is a type of media genre available in many platforms, from TV documentaries to books and podcasts, that is based on real crimes and cases involving real people. What is it about true crime that attracts viewers and listeners and how is it affecting their mental health?

Feelings Work Podcast: Is True Crime Impacting Your Mental Health?

With origins in TV shows like “America’s Most Wanted” and “Unsolved Mysteries,” the genre has grown in popularity over the years to include podcasts like “Crime Junkie” and books like “I’ll Be Gone In the Dark.” The team at Sage Counseling Omaha, Loren Dexter and Suzanne Piotrowski, explore the popularity of true crime media and its impact on mental health.

“The fact that it’s shifted so much more into the mainstream popular culture, and now it’s practically number one in some ways, particularly among women, which is also another thing we’ll touch on. I kind of just want to say ‘What’s the deal?’ We’ll start there,” explains Loren Dexter, kicking off the second episode of the Feelings Work podcast.

Wrapping up the conversation, Piotrowski summarized how to assess if the topic is affecting your mental health.

“Always note if it’s affecting us. If I have a nightmare after I watch a show, I may need to talk to someone about that. I may not be able to watch that show. I might have to watch something else,” said Piotrowski. “Just being aware of our responses.”

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