All relationships have their ups and downs. Even when people get along well, the stresses of daily life can sometimes cause conflicts that can seem almost impossible to resolve. Life these days runs away at a faster pace and couples often don’t slow down enough to focus on one another, let alone take the time to spend time together and resolve issues. Luckily there are things you can do to repair relationship problems.

What Is the Best Therapy for Relationship Problems?


Communication is vital in a healthy relationship. If there is an issue and poor communication, either party will complain, get frustrated, become resentful, and then angry. More complaining will ensue, which will lead to more frustration and resentment, and this will lead to more anger. The cycle will continue until this person sends themselves into a self-imposed prison of frustration, resentment, and anger. This is called below the ladder communication which leads only to misery.

Above-the-line communication is something completely different. Here we have a state of awareness by each partner of the other partner, where each one starts by learning to listen to the other, without saying anything at all. Listening with the intention of hearing, and once they have finished talking, then responding with compassion for what they said and talking gently from a place of love. The aim is to reach a breakthrough point where a couple can start to create a vision together of how they can reach an agreeable solution through awareness of response, compassion, understanding, and kindness.

Relationship Counseling

If there are problems that are getting in the way of your relationship seek counseling before they get to the point of no return. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Disagreements cannot be solved
  • Criticism, contempt, or withdrawal has arisen
  • Feelings can’t be expressed
  • A stressful event has taken place in your relationship or your life
  • Addiction, abuse, or infidelity has taken place
  • You cannot reach a consensus on any decisions
  • You want to strengthen your relationship

There can never be a wrong reason for seeking counseling as relationship counseling is almost always beneficial to your relationship. Counseling is not just for married couples; it is for any relationship and any type of family issue.

Couple’s Exercises in Relationship Counseling

Here are some ideas and suggestions for improving communication in a relationship, even in healthy relationships.

Vision Board

Decide together on short-term goals for your relationship, activities you would like to do, and places you would like to visit. Create a vision board with all of these ideas and start making plans.


People like to know they are appreciated. Express appreciation and gratitude for one another twice a day. Gratitude increases well-being and in giving we also receive.

Identify Your Partner’s Love Language

Take an online quiz to identify your partner’s love language. Understanding your partner’s love language will help couples identify what makes their partner feel loved. This is a great way for couples to better understand how each partner can show up for the other.

Date Night

Schedule one night a week for date night. Get dressed up, go out together, be romantic and work on restoring some excitement and intimacy back into your relationship. Be playful and have fun together.

The 6-Second Kiss

The 6-second kiss is just long enough to be passionate, adding a bit of spice and distraction to any busy day. Even better, make each kiss a 6-second kiss.


Music is a great ice breaker. It is fun, memorable, and can be a great exercise for couples. Put on some good music and rock the night away together, or sit quietly and listen to music you both enjoy together and create new memories. Music has a way of touching hearts and creating smiles.

Eye Gazing

Hold eye contact with your partner for longer than usual as this can help build a stronger connection. The eyes are the window to the soul, so who knows what may happen. Eye contact builds trust and increases intimacy.

Cuddle Up

There are many pluses to cuddling. Cuddling lowers blood pressure, releases oxytocin (stress hormone), and reduces cortisol which leaves you feeling good. Cuddling is good for both your relationship and your body, leaving you feeling warm and soft all around.

SAGE Counseling Omaha

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